Getting Up After Falling

Life has ups and downs all the time. One minute you feel as though you are high above the clouds, and the next minute you feel as though you are low against the ground.  The main goal people have in life is to stay happy, encouraged, and uplifted all the time; but everyone knows that is impossible…yet nothing is impossible with God. So how do you get back up onto your feet after you fall? Continue reading “Getting Up After Falling”


The lesson of Obedience

So as promised on my social media here is a new blog post. Lately, I have been really focusing on my devotions and really allowing God to speak to me and tell me about what he wants me to learn. After much prayer and study, I found out that God is wanting me to learn Obedience. Continue reading “The lesson of Obedience”

Making Time for God in a Busy Life Revised.


One of my first blog posts was about making time for God in a busy life. My life then was really busy and now is even busier, but as I was looking back and reading my post, I realized how much more I need to add God in my daily schedule. So I would now like to share with you my updated daily plan. Continue reading “Making Time for God in a Busy Life Revised.”

Bible Study Review: The Battle Plan for Prayer Week Two


Our first week of studying has gone quite well. I am happy to say that this week we have gone a little bit deeper into learning some in depth things about prayer. It has been a little hard, but all of us have managed to keep praying and trying our best to be consistent with prayer like we learned last week. This week we have learned about what things that we should pray for. Continue reading “Bible Study Review: The Battle Plan for Prayer Week Two”

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