Composer of the Month: Ludwig Van Beethoven

Ludwig Van Beethoven was a German composer born December 1770. There is no record of his birth, but there is record of his baptism which leads people to believe that he was born December 16,1770. Beethoven started his composing career at a young age by learning to play the piano from his father. His father forced him to learn music hoping that he would become the next child prodigy. Beethoven is now famous for composing a number of symphonies, piano concertos, piano sonatas, string quartets, and a violin concerto. Sadly, Beethoven started losing his hearing near the end of his adult life. Even though his Continue reading “Composer of the Month: Ludwig Van Beethoven”


Composer of the Month David: Lanz

980x980-571F7336-4C59-4C40-AB9C923BB8ADA762Every Month I will be posting a composer of the month. My purpose for the composer of the month is to learn about classical artists and provideĀ free sheet music if available. The composer I have chosen for this month is David Lanz. Continue reading “Composer of the Month David: Lanz”

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