Focusing on Change

FocusSo a lot has happened since my last blog post. I have been crazy busy and adjusting to a new lifestyle. Continue reading


Teen Missions Int’l Mission Trip Review

20746403_10154804690913457_5113807838247713418_oSo I just got back from a mission trip to Honduras with Teen Missions Int’l. If I were to put this trip into three words it would be amazing, beneficial, and unforgettable. Through this trip God has taught me wonderful things and I have been able to see the result of His work first hand. Continue reading

Self Control

could-self-control-be-the-key-to-wellbeing-1050x500.jpgThere is a growing problem of temptation in our lives. We are tempted to eat sweets, to say mean things, to lie to our friends and family; the list goes on. How do we avoid these tragic situations? Is it possible to back away from such a tempting sight? The answer is yes, but not without help. Continue reading

Making Time for God in a Busy Life Revised.


One of my first blog posts was about making time for God in a busy life. My life then was really busy and now is even busier, but as I was looking back and reading my post, I realized how much more I need to add God in my daily schedule. So I would now like to share with you my updated daily plan. Continue reading