Etsy Shop Update


So first off I would like to say sorry. I haven’t posted in forever, and I know I should have. Lately I have been busy with updating my Etsy shop. If you read my post Summer Mission Trip 2017, you would know that I am going on a mission trip to Honduras next summer. All funds from my shop are going towards this trip, so it was crucial that I made some more items and got my business going. So here are a few of my updates:

I am currently offering a holiday discount of 15% off purchases $30 or more and free shipping on all orders (free shipping expires on the 27th). I have many different items so please come take a look.


Crochet Pumpkin Toy (2).jpg

Crochet BB8 Toy (3).jpg

I accept custom orders and can make just about anything. I can make hats in all sizes and colors, and I specialize in different towel topper designs. If you have any questions or comments, please post in the box below. I would love to read any thoughts you have about my shop. Thanks for Reading and Happy Thanksgiving!

– Alexandria



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