Advertising for a Friend


Friends are one of the best companions people have in their lives. Without them there would be no one to share things with or laugh with. The best thing about a friend is that they always are there to help and encourage you when things get down. My friend has always been there for me, so I would like to return the favor and do something for her.

My friend Hannah Kunter loves to crochet and has recently started a new crochet  business on I offered to do a little advertising for her on my blog so that her business can hopefully get a kick start. Hannah specializes in Crocheting the cutest amigurumi projects, but she also has started making bags and other various items. Here is some of her items for sale from her shop:


Instagram bag - original - app - crochet bag - handmadeWhite lion - crochet lion - plush - amigurumiMade To Order - amigurumi - emoji plush - keychain

Her shop is called Cupcake Catt. If you are interested in stopping by and taking a look,  here is the link: CupcakeCatt Etsy Shop If you have any questions or comments about this shop, please post them in the box below. I would love to read them and share them with my friend. Thanks for reading! 🙂

– Alexandria


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