What Music is to Me


Music is a part of me. Life without a rhythm and a beat would be still and quiet. If you pay close attention to all of life’s patterns and habits, you will notice that music is a part of everything. 

Music comes in many different genres. Some of the main genres are Rock, Pop, Rap, Gospel, Country, and Classical music. Some music is designed for motivation and relaxation while other music is designed for excitement and exhilaration. My favorite genre is classical music. This music makes me feel calm, relaxed, and at peace. Another genre of music I enjoy listening to is gospel or worship music. This music makes me feel very encouraged and inspired. All of the notes and keys are used to communicate a certain feeling that cannot be communicated any other way.

Music to me is a world of communication through sound, an outlet to express thoughts and feelings. Music is a great way to inspire and create new things in the world. God created the earth to have a rhythm and a beat so let’s embrace it!

What is music to you? Please feel free to share in the comments. Coming soon: Composer of the month

– Alexandria


2 thoughts on “What Music is to Me

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  1. VERY well stated. Music to me is such a relief, a way to shut the outside world out and bring myself into focus, just for a little while, and to relax and to be motivated and rejuvenated again. Music is also so fun! My favorite genres are pop, r&b, and gospel. Thanks so much for sharing. Your posts are always very nice and good to read 💙🎵

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