Crochet Blimey Cow


Several years ago I came across a YouTube channel called Blimey Cow. This channel is about two christian, homeschool brothers making videos about the funny and serious things that happen in life. They are kind of sarcastic at times, but that’s  what makes them funny. They perform mini skits and make strong, good points which gets all of their viewers thinking. One of of the main characters from their skits is “Big Head Kid”. Continue reading “Crochet Blimey Cow”


Composer of the Month: Ludwig Van Beethoven

Ludwig Van Beethoven was a German composer born December 1770. There is no record of his birth, but there is record of his baptism which leads people to believe that he was born December 16,1770. Beethoven started his composing career at a young age by learning to play the piano from his father. His father forced him to learn music hoping that he would become the next child prodigy. Beethoven is now famous for composing a number of symphonies, piano concertos, piano sonatas, string quartets, and a violin concerto. Sadly, Beethoven started losing his hearing near the end of his adult life. Even though his Continue reading “Composer of the Month: Ludwig Van Beethoven”

Crochet BB8


My favorite droid from Star Wars used to be R2-D2, but now ever since Star Wars 7 BB8 has become my new favorite droid. I have wanted to crochet a version of him for a long time and I have now finally done it! Continue reading “Crochet BB8”


Very encouraging and inspiring! This book has a lot of great stories and lessons from the Bible. It is about the Slums in India, and the struggles people face there. I consider this book a must read for any one who loves God! Continue reading “Book Review: No Longer A Slumdog”


What Music is to Me


Music is a part of me. Life without a rhythm and a beat would be still and quiet. If you pay close attention to all of life’s patterns and habits, you will notice that music is a part of everything.  Continue reading “What Music is to Me”


Bible Study Review: The Battle Plan for Prayer Week One


Last week I started a mini Bible Study group in my hometown. My church is a small one and hasn’t yet composed a youth group; so for this study I gathered some of my local friends, and we have started studying together. Our first choice for this months Bible study is The Battle Plan for Prayer inspired by the Christian movie War Room. I would like to share with you what we have been learning, and I hope and pray that you can use what we have learned to benefit your personal prayer life. Continue reading “Bible Study Review: The Battle Plan for Prayer Week One”


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