Composer of the Month David: Lanz

980x980-571F7336-4C59-4C40-AB9C923BB8ADA762Every Month I will be posting a composer of the month. My purpose for the composer of the month is to learn about classical artists and provide free sheet music if available. The composer I have chosen for this month is David Lanz.

David Lanz, a Grammy-nominated Pianist born June 28, 1950, started his career as a teenager playing the keyboard for Terry Jack’s hit in the 1970s. His inspiration to play the piano came from  listening to his mom, Helen Lanz play music by Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, and Nat King Cole as well as other various artists. Later in the 1970s, he became a musical director of the Seattle band, the Sweep. Some time later he transitioned from primarily playing rock music to playing jazz and the blues. His most famous album is Cristofori’s Dream which was published in 1988. 41RX609VT2L

Our featured song from the composer of the month is Cristofori’s Dream. Here is a link to the video of David Lanz playing his song live in concert: David Lanz performs “Cristofori’s Dream” live solo piano concert at Piano Haven

For a link to get the free music sheet for the song Cristofori’s Dream, follow the link: Cristofori’s Dream sheet music

This song is one of my favorites, and I will have the pleasure of playing it at my piano recital this weekend. I hope that you have enjoyed this post and will be inspired to start playing the piano. Some of the information for this post has come from Please share in the comments what you think of the composer of the month and his song. Thanks for reading!




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