Making Time for God in a Busy Life

Everyone finds themselves too busy in life. We have a calendar that shouldn’t be filled up, but somehow it is. I recently have realized that my life is so busy that somehow I have forgotten to spend time with God. He is the one who has given me my life so why don’t I thank him for it?  Why don’t I take the time to thank Him and praise him on a daily basis?      The other day I was listening to a Christian song by Jonny Diaz called “Breathe”. The lyrics of the song are absolutely beautiful and it inspired me to challenge myself to spend more time with God. After all I wouldn’t be me without Him!  So here are some tips and tricks on how I have started making time for God in my busy life.

Step 1. Make God first in your priorities.

The first thing I have done to make time for God is to put Him first on my priority list. I gathered all of my schedules together and reevaluated everything and made a note to add God first. After some organizing, I came up with this pattern: God, Chores, School, Activities. This pattern is put on repeat for my day until it ends. God is first, but my other priorities are still on my list. Here is a more specific list of my time sheet:


7am Wake up. Morning devotions. Morning Chores. Feed Cats

8am Breakfast and breakfast cleanup

9am Start School.

12pm Finish School. Lunch and lunch cleanup.

1pm Mow the Lawn

2pm Piano Practice

3pm Hobbies and Activities.

4pm Blog

5pm-6pm Dinner and Dinner cleanup

7pm Evening Chores

9pm Evening Devotions. 9:30 Bedtime.

So this list is from one of my busiest days and is more of a guideline of things I have planned. You need to remember that days tend to seem to control themselves, and you can’t always finish everything you plan on doing. Also you might have extra time that you could also reserve for spending time with God.

Step 2. Make yourself reminders.

Even though you have a schedule or priority list, it doesn’t guarantee that you will remember to follow it. My suggestion for this issue is to make reminders. Calendar reminders, alarms, and note cards are great ways to keep you alert throughout the day to stay organized. I mainly have chosen to use my phone alarm because I always have my phone with me, but I also have created note cards and placed them where I will see them the most.

Step 3. Make an effort.

It is easy to say you are going to do something, but doing it is another step. You won’t complete any goals without this step on making an effort. If you have to make a statement and sign it saying that you will keep a promise to yourself to stay committed to your goals, do it. Sometimes I have to mentally prepare what I am going to do tomorrow before I go to bed. Find whatever works for you and make sure you make an effort!

I hope that these tips have been helpful. These are the steps that I have started to take, and it has so far helped me tremendously in my daily life. Please remember that most of all God is most important, and since we are making an effort to spend time with him, let him lead you in what He wants you to do. Let Him tell you how much time he wants you to spend with Him and which devotions he wants you to start doing. Please let me know in the comments what steps you would like to take and any other ideas on how we can make time for God in our busy lives. Thanks for reading 🙂





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