Morning Devotions: The Book of Joel

So this past week I have been really trying to study God’s word as much as I can. Currently I have no study plan for my morning devotions, so I have just started digging randomly into God’s word. Last Saturday, as I was praying and reading my Bible, God led me to the book of Joel. I had never thought of reading this book before, and so I became curious as to why God led me to this book. To my surprise, I actually have learned a lot from this book and now would like to share my personal notes with you. Continue reading “Morning Devotions: The Book of Joel”


Composer of the Month David: Lanz

980x980-571F7336-4C59-4C40-AB9C923BB8ADA762Every Month I will be posting a composer of the month. My purpose for the composer of the month is to learn about classical artists and provide free sheet music if available. The composer I have chosen for this month is David Lanz. Continue reading “Composer of the Month David: Lanz”

Making Time for God in a Busy Life

Everyone finds themselves too busy in life. We have a calendar that shouldn’t be filled up, but somehow it is. I recently have realized that my life is so busy that somehow I have forgotten to spend time with God. He is the one who has given me my life so why don’t I thank him for it?  Why don’t I take the time to thank Him and praise him on a daily basis?  Continue reading “Making Time for God in a Busy Life”

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