Positivity Equals Peace

Everyone can relate to the life of busy. School days starting at 5am and ending at 11pm, or jobs starting at 5pm and ending at 1am. Maybe you were late to that board meeting or you are just simply irritated at a co-worker for multiple reasons. Whatever the cause or reason may be, even though … Continue reading Positivity Equals Peace


Getting Up After Falling

Life has ups and downs all the time. One minute you feel as though you are high above the clouds, and the next minute you feel as though you are low against the ground.  The main goal people have in life is to stay happy, encouraged, and uplifted all the time; but everyone knows that … Continue reading Getting Up After Falling

Teen Missions Int’l Mission Trip Review

So I just got back from a mission trip to Honduras with Teen Missions Int'l. If I were to put this trip into three words it would be amazing, beneficial, and unforgettable. Through this trip God has taught me wonderful things and I have been able to see the result of His work first hand. … Continue reading Teen Missions Int’l Mission Trip Review